Fire Department Tests QR Codes for Citizen Medical Data – Government Technology

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Government TechnologyFire Department Tests QR Codes for Citizen Medical DataGovernment TechnologyQR codes — which resemble a bar code — gained attention in city government in 2009, when Manor, Texas, CIO Dustin Haisler led efforts to have them…

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Step-by-Step Adhesive Label Guidelines

Adhesive Label Guidelines

One of the most common questions our customers have is about the Adhesive Label Guidelines.  99% of the time, any errors in applying adhesive labels happens when one (or several) of these steps are not followed.

Asset Tags are purchased to track equipment within the company.  Therefore, it is important that the labels actually adhere to the equipment!  To make sure you have the maximum adhesion, follow the steps in the infographic below:

Step-by-Step Adhesive Guidelines

Follow these instructions for the maximum adhesive bond.

A couple extra tips, tricks, and all around good knowledge:

1) Isopropyl alcohol is NOT the same as rubbing alcohol.  It can, however, be purchased in most drug stores.

2) Common household cleaners should not be used to clean the surface.  Most cleaners have added fragrances or oils that will interfere with the adhesive.

3) Most adhesives, unless specifically requested, are permanent adhesives.  Meaning, these labels are not meant to be applied, removed, and reused.

4) Aluminum has a “memory.” If you bend it, it will maintain that shape.  We do not recommend bending the labels in any way unless you need it to conform to a certain shape! In that case, slightly bend the label to the appropriate shape and apply.

5) If the temperature is too cold, the adhesive will not “flow” and adhere properly.  If the temperature is too warm, the adhesive will loosen and not stick.

Please feel free to add any additional tips/tricks into the comments.  We always love sharing a great idea! And, if you need any assistance finding the right labels or adhesive, let us know how we can help!

This information and infographic provided by:  Express Identification Products | 858-549-9828